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Learn the elegant roadmap for becoming a highly skilled and confident communicator so you can build your reputation, reach and revenue. 

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You are FIRST-CLASS at what you do!

You have big DREAMS,

a big HEART & desire for making an IMPACT.


You're brilliant, a trailblazer, a savvy business woman who shatters glass ceilings for breakfast. But when it comes to commanding attention with your words, you're feeling more like a shrinking violet than a blooming rose.

You've got a brain bursting with innovative ideas, a heart full of passion, and a soul destined to make an impact...

But every time you open your mouth to speak, your message seems to float aimlessly in the air, failing to captivate your audience. It's like you're speaking, but no one is truly listening...

Think about all those missed opportunities...that client you could have wowed, that audience you could have inspired, that deal you could have closed if only you'd been more persuasive.

This is not about occasional butterflies in your stomach; it's about your brilliant ideas and unique potential being overshadowed by less-than-stellar communication skills.

And the real kicker? This cycle keeps repeating, like a bad rerun of a show you never wanted to watch in the first place.

Exhausting, right? Downright infuriating!

And if that weren't enough you constantly have to fight your own brain ...


with sporadic thought's of:

  • What if my ideas aren't valuable or unique enough
  • What if I'm too boring and no one will want to listen to me
  • What if I don't have good stories and can't engage my audience
  • What if my success so far has been a fluke and I'm really not an expert
  • What if I don't know how to be persuasive enough
  • What if I'm too introverted to be a great speaker
  • What if I bomb my presentation leaving people feeling like they wasted their time listening to me.

And the list goes on and on.


If any of these random thoughts enter your mind on the regular, please know that all of this is 100% normal and expected....

Been there. Had every one of those thoughts, too.

But let’s uncover the reasons behind why these thoughts keep filling your head.


Because ultimately, it often boils down to three core doubts

that hold you back from being a queen of confident communication.


Start with your fist held high, and put a finger up, one at a time, if you’ve ever

grappled with following three doubts recently:

Who am I to call myself a thought leader or expert?


Ok friend, here's a reminder: You didn't just stumble into your success. You've worked hard, made sacrifices, and built something amazing. And guess what? That makes you an expert. Let's not forget that even today's greatest leaders once asked themselves the same question.

Research suggests that around 70% of people experience impostor syndrome at some point in their careers. You're in good company with some of the most successful people in the world, including renowned authors, respected scientists, and accomplished CEOs. So, throw that doubt away. It's your turn to step into your greatness.

Who would want to listen to me let alone pay me for speaking?


Imagine this: You captivate an audience with your words, and they can't get enough of you. They want to learn more, engage with your brand, and avail your services. By mastering the art of public speaking, you become the magnetic force attracting opportunities and contracts.

Public speaking is more than a skill; it's a revenue-generating tool. 62% of B2B marketers rated speaking at events as the most effective content marketing strategy. And those making $1M+ per year are 68% more likely to speak at events. Need more proof? Just ask Tony Robbins, Brene Brown, or Oprah Winfrey!

Speaking doesn't come naturally for me.


Let's debunk this myth: There's no such thing as a "natural-born speaker." Public speaking is a skill, and like any skill, it can be honed with the right guidance and practice. Even Sara Blakely, John Maxwell, and Mel Robbins renowned for their speaking skills, diligently practice and refine their speeches on the regular.

The ability to command a room, to inspire, persuade, and connect... these are not innate traits but learnable skills.

Yes, even you, with the right mentorship and methodology, can master these powerful skills!

Ok, Friend - How Many Fingers Do You Have Raised?

If you’re on the other side of the screen holding up 2 fingers or more, then you’re in the right spot.


Here’s where your journey to elevating your speaking skills begins.

Because at the end of the day both you and I know…

Becoming a highly skilled speaker is one of the most powerful assets you can possess for your personal and professional growth. 


and now YOU can take *advantage* of this skill and use it as your ticket to...


Showing up in any room (online or offline) with your captivating presence and being able to clearly state what you do in a niched down way

Owning your one-of-a-kind voice, stories, speaking style and message. Creating your specialty spotlight where you shine best.

Consistently showing up with your magnetic content and message in a way that gets you noticed and remembered by your die-hard-fans.

Smashing your limiting beliefs, freeing yourself of those pesky negative voices holding you back so you can show up as the expert and powerful leader you already are.

Delivering high-value and engaging presentations, webinars and workshops that make your audience swoon over every word you say.

Establishing yourself as the respected and recognized go-to voice in your industry so you can continue elevating your reach and revenue as a result.

No more shying away from the spotlight or dimming your brilliance!

Hey, fabulous! Have we met?

Hi, I'm Csilla.



Hi, I’m Csilla—3w2 on the enneagram, avid reader, and coffee connoisseur with a passion for providing sophisticated leading women with the strategies and support they need to become highly skilled speakers and a go-to voice in their industry.

Helping women speak with power and confidence is my superpower. Having presented on 1,000+ stages in the last 25 years and mentored hundreds of trailblazers, I've seen first hand how much speaking to the right audience can boost ones reputation and reach.

I hate to see highly-skilled leaders struggling to establish their brand and name in the marketplace only because they haven't been able to craft and deliver their signature message effectively to a captivated audience.

Here's what I know. There's a gap in the market for learning this stuff. Unfortunately, the outdated and old-fashioned public speaking programs are not helping any of these brilliant women. So I decided to do something about it.

I created it.

Ready to eliminate obscurity and elevate your speaking skills so you can SHINE?


Then I'm excited to introduce to you...



The place for leading women ready to become highly-skilled and confident communicators to build their reputation, reach, and revenue!

I'm Ready to Speak and Shine!
Meet your fellow leading ladies hanging out in the green room...

Darla Morrison

I absolutely love the way Csilla teaches speaking. It is so clear. She also makes this stuff super fun! I finally have an elevator pitch that makes sense. I am extremely clear on my brand message and I'm able to communicate that clearly and concisely to everyone I meet, including on social media. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Machelle Wells

Csilla is a phenomenal teacher. The perfect combo of strategy and heart. Learning from her has been such an amazing experience for me and boost for me speaking career.

Jennifer Jezewski

I felt more confident in my speaking because with Csilla's help I had a great plan as the moderator of the event. She is amazing at taking the mystery out of clear communication and helping you show up more prepared and feeling confident.


You’ll be able to:
  • SHINE: Say goodbye to stage fright and hello to a newfound boldness that's been hiding within you.

  • IMPRESS: Introduce yourself in a way that sticks, that makes people sit up and take notice.

  • COMPEL: Gain crystal-clear clarity on your core message and how to convey it compellingly.

  • COMMAND: Stand tall in any room, with the skills to command attention, respect, and admiration.

  • OWN: Embrace your unique speaking style, turning your individuality into your superpower.

  • DELIVER: Learn how to deliver your message in a way that draws people in and leaves them wanting more.

  • INSPIRE: Speak about your business in a way that not only informs but inspires, leading to more clients, contracts, and collaborations.

  • ENGAGE: Be ever ready to step into the spotlight and let your brilliance shine, be it on a stage, in a meeting, or at a networking event.

Joining the Speaking Made Simple Academy is about more than just learning to speak well - it's about embracing the trailblazer within you, the woman ready to stand tall, be heard, and make an impact

Here's to becoming a highly-skilled speaker...

establishing your reputation...

expanding your reach...

AND elevating your revenue...

I'm Ready to Speak and Shine!
Now let's take a quick peek at the


STAGE ONE: is the stage where you will craft your standout personal brand that gets you noticed. You'll hone in on you and your vision, your fabulous audience, your voice and point of view as well as knowing how to make a lasting impressing with your 60 second intro.

STAGE TWO: is the stage where you design your spotlight message. The message you want to be known. This is also the place where you'll clarify your topics, create your content strategy as well as learning how to craft shop-stopping headlines for your presentations and social media.

STAGE THREE: is the stage where you'll dive deep with learning the formula for creating show stopping content. This includes knowing how to craft captions for social media, how to introduce yourself in any room as well as learning how to design your killer keynote or webinar presentation.

STAGE FOUR: is the stage where you'll learn to elevate your mindset and prep it for speaking success. If strategies and tips alone were enough we'd all be successful speakers by now. But mastering your inner world is just as important as learning the strategies. 

STAGE FIVE: is the stage where you'll learn the art of masterful delivery. This is the place where you'll go granular in learning the art of stage presence, elegant delivery by learning to master your verbal cues and non-verbal presence so you can dazzle any audience.

It's time to discard the cloak of underwhelming communication. It's time to embrace your potential and command the respect and recognition you deserve. It's time to leave your mark with your words and create waves with your ideas. The Speaking Made Simple™ Roadmap will help you do just that.

Let’s talk investment.


(If you haven’t read emails from me before, you’ll quickly learn that I’m a straight-to-the-point kinda gal. The only “fluffy” thing I like is the foam in my handcrafted latte made at my favorite local coffeeshop.)

So let me explain exactly what you’re getting with this investment…




  • Monthly Masterclass focused on helping you elevate your speaking skills
  • Complementary implementation guide to help you put into practice what you are learning
  • Private community of like-minded leading women
  • Full access to the ever growing template vault
  • Early access to quarterly live workshops, challenges and exclusive trainings



Most Popular

  • Monthly Masterclass focused on helping you elevate your speaking skills
  • Complementary implementation guide to help you put into practice what you are learning
  • Private community of like-minded leading women
  • Full access to the ever growing template vault
  • Free access to quarterly live workshops, challenges and masterclasses
  • BONUS #1: One 30-minute audit with Csilla Muscan
  • BONUS #2: Gives you 2 months membership access for FREE, saving you over $90
  • BONUS #3: Full access to one of my most popular course "Captivate The Room" (regularly sold for $197)

It's my commitment that this is NOT another program that goes onto your “new course - likely won’t get finished” list.


Instead, this is a resource that you will use in REAL-TIME during real-life projects. 

So instead of costing you time like most other course purchases, this will SAVE you time and money because you’ll begin developing your roadmap to speaking success with the Speaking Made Simple Method™ pulled up beside you.

I'm Ready to Speak and Shine!

Here’s a snapshot list of the core attributes

of the leading ladies who crush it inside SMSA:

  • Established Presence: You're not a novice. You've built a career, brand or business and are ready to take it to the next level.

  • Message Maven: You have a powerful message that you're passionate about sharing with the world.

  • Impact Driven: You're not just about words - you have a burning desire to make a tangible impact with your voice.

  • Aspiration to Lead: You want to become a leading name in your field, a person whose words carry weight and influence.

  • Trailblazer Spirit: You're not satisfied with the status quo. You're determined to carve your own path and stand out.

  • Growth Oriented: You're always eager to grow and evolve, willing to invest in yourself and your skills.

  • Resilient: You don't shy away from challenges or setbacks; instead, you see them as stepping stones to success.

  • Legacy Conscious: You want to leave this world in a better shape than you found it - your mission extends beyond just your lifetime.

  • Eager to Connect: You understand the value of connecting with like-minded leaders but you want to go deeper then surface level networking.

  • Courageous Actionista: You believe in your voice, in your vision, and are willing to stand up for both.

The Speaking Made Simple™ Academy isn't for everyone. But for the woman with these traits, it's a stepping stone to transforming her into a confident, impactful, and influential speaker. Does this sound like you?

How is SMSA different from any other public speaking program?


In the often sterile, impersonal realm of public speaking, we're an invigorating splash of color!

We're not here to mold you into another carbon copy speaker.

We celebrate and amplify your unique personality, your signature style, your riveting stories.


Because let's face it, your one-of-a-kind message isn't a weakness to overcome, it's a strength to be leveraged!

Ready to Say Goodbye to Mediocrity and Hello to Magnificence?


For just $119 a quarter or $370 a year (snagging you a sweet two-month saving!), you can gain full access to the Academy.

And as a cherry on top, when you sign up for a year, you're gifted with our bonus course "Captivate The Room" — an invaluable guide to keeping audiences hanging on your every word.



every month

  • Monthly Masterclass focused on helping you elevate your speaking skills
  • Complementary implementation guide to help you put into practice what you are learning
  • Private community of like-minded leading women
  • Full access to the ever growing template vault
  • Early access to quarterly live workshops, challenges and exclusive trainings



Most Popular

  • Monthly Masterclass focused on helping you elevate your speaking skills
  • Complementary implementation guide to help you put into practice what you are learning
  • Private community of like-minded leading women
  • Full access to the ever growing template vault
  • Free access to quarterly live workshops, challenges and masterclasses
  • BONUS #1: One 30-minute audit with Csilla Muscan
  • BONUS #2: Gives you 2 months membership access for FREE, saving you over $90
  • BONUS #3: Full access to one of my most popular course "Captivate The Room" (regularly sold for $197)

It is Your time to Show Up and Shine!

Show up for yourself. Show up for your audience. The world needs to hear your voice, stories and message. The unique thing only you can offer, the world needs that. So step into your spotlight and SHINE!

I'm Ready to Speak and Shine!